Code Of Conduct
All athletes are required to sign a Code of Conduct before accepting their place on the Precise Racing programme. Trainees should remember that they are training in a professional environment and we are striving to create an elite peer group. The following code is designed to help trainees achieve their goals, and should be seen as a tool to increase the chances of success.

Athletes are expected to dress in an appropriate manner at all times, be it on the hill, when travelling, or out at restaurants. Trainees will be expected to wear Precise Racing uniform (t- shirts, polo shirts or hoodies) when travelling, training, competing and at official functions such as prize giving, and to dress smartly at meal times.

All trainees are expected to be pleasant, polite and respectful towards each other, along with restaurant, hotel, airline, and ski area staff, at all times. Bullying will not be tolerated and will result in a suspension, ultimately leading to dismissal from the programme.

It is athletes’ responsibility to keep their own room tidy and respect the owner’s property. Trainees will respect members of the opposite sex and their privacy, and while we encourage trainees to interact and work together, entering another athletes’ room without permission is not acceptable. Athletes will not enter the room of athletes of the opposing sex without permission from staff.

Personal Belongings
Trainees should keep all important documents and valuables in a secure place or give them to a member of staff for safekeeping. Any personal belongings brought on trips are brought at the athletes’ own risk and athletes should respect their teammates’ possessions.

The coaches and houseparent’s will set curfews on reflection of the age and needs of each trainee. Trainees are expected to respect the decisions of the coaches & houseparent’s, and respect their teammates’ rights to rest.

Smoking / Alcohol / Drugs
Precise Racing fully supports the UK laws governing the use of Alcohol, Tobacco, Snus and drugs. We are not flexible on this point, and any use of the above will result in permanent dismissal from the programme.

Public Perception
Precise Racing staff and athletes are proud to be part of an elite performance programme. Any complaints should be first discussed with Precise Racing staff “in house” and not aired in public, by athletes or parents, regardless of concern.

The athletes agree to abide by the Code of Conduct and accept that staff will inform parents / guardians regarding athlete status should the Code of Conduct be violated, and that this could lead to suspension from certain activities, including skiing or for multiple breaches, dismissal from the programme. I understand that any sanctions will be discussed with both athlete & parent, and if an athlete is dismissed from the programme they will still be liable for all costs.

In all instances, the decision of the Precise Racing Programme Director is final.

Download the printable copy of Precise Racing Commitment Agreement here.