19th of January 2018 08:38 PM Link
Congratulations to those selected! πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
14th of January 2018 06:36 PM Link
An enjoyable weekend getting to know all the skiers who will be attending the alpine camps. We are looking forward to Norway 2, Pila and Landgraaf junior camp. Thanks Esskia!
Message image
11th of January 2018 08:44 PM Link
A good training session this evening at Welwyn with the SHHS girls #schoolsskiing
Message image
8th of January 2018 07:10 PM Link
Fantastic first alpine camp for the team. Some good results, positive ski improvements and some fun memories made. Great team of skiers we have that have come on leaps and bounds! Good job everyone, next up, Bormio #teamprecise #watchthisspace #buildinganarmy
Message image
7th of January 2018 07:05 PM Link
Final day of the #ambitionchamps2018! Great job Molly, third in the U18s #teamprecise #giantslalom
Message image
6th of January 2018 07:40 PM Link
Tough conditions at Hinterriet for the #ambitionchamps2018 today however we are still having fun! #prayforclearsky #lastdaytomorrow
Message image
5th of January 2018 04:27 PM Link
Pro Slalom today for the U10/12 and Kitty bagged another podium! πŸ₯‰ #teamprecise #ambitionchamps2018
Message image
5th of January 2018 01:34 PM Link
Second position for Molly in the U18s yesterday, great job! #teamprecise #ambitionchamps2018
Message image
5th of January 2018 01:32 PM Link
Well done Kitty-Jay! Second place in the U10s in the slalom yesterday #teamprecise #ambitionchamps2018
Message image
5th of January 2018 08:12 AM Link
Some good skiing by the team yesterday at the Ambition Champs especially Kitty - Jay resulting in 2nd in U10 and Molly 2nd in U18 . Results can be found here
3rd of January 2018 10:01 PM Link
Double training session today starting off well with glimpses of blue sky, then suddenly changing to rain/sleet β˜”οΈ
Some tired legs after a 65 gate slalom course and lots of runs but we are ready for race day tomorrow! #ambitionchamps2018 #teamprecise
Message image
3rd of January 2018 09:48 PM Link
Ambition Champs begin tomorrow! 🏁

Live timing can be found using the link.
Message image
1st of January 2018 03:28 PM Link
Our 2018 started off well with some pancakes for brekky, followed by GS training at Hinterriet. By the end of the day the guys really showed some positive changes and started attacking the tough conditions with far more confidence πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ
Message image
31st of December 2017 03:05 PM Link
A busy couple of days, with the team arriving and getting straight into training, it’s great to have most of the skiers out in Austria.
A foggy slalom day today (hence no photos) but good to get the legs moving and smashing some plastic. A recap on ski prep and some fitness this afternoon, ready for GS training tomorrow in 2018! Happy New Year Everyone πŸŽ‰
Message image
29th of December 2017 07:14 PM Link
Awesome powder day at @saalfelden_leogang with this little dude @ryan_the_rocket_faber and @sophie_faber_ski β˜ƒοΈ
Message image
22nd of December 2017 09:14 PM Link
All the hard work is finally paying off! Well done Dave @dave_ryding
Message image
17th of December 2017 01:20 PM Link
A frosty start this morning at Chatham Ski Slope. A good session with @bowlesskiracingclub @jnlchatham ❄️
Message image
12th of December 2017 09:03 PM Link
With the snow falling in the South East recently (and then disappearing very quickly) @brentwoodskiandsnowboardcentre managed to keep their snow! ❄️⛄️ @ Brentwood Park Ski & Snowboard Centre
Message image
7th of December 2017 10:53 AM Link
The Kent Schools Ski Competition details are now online
Entries open from the 1st February 2018!

Chatham Ski Centre
Message image
5th of December 2017 11:09 AM Link
New gloves ready for the season! Thanks @levelgloves @skibartlett these should do the job! ❄️
Message image
3rd of December 2017 05:17 PM Link
Undecided whether to wear a Christmas jumper or a Christmas hat... maybe both! πŸŽ…πŸΌπŸŽ #feelingfestive #wewillbethere
Message image
2nd of December 2017 06:38 PM Link
Great to have the team together before we head out to the Alps. With our war paint and camo gear on, we started the day off with Laser Tag @laserwarfare. After the fun activity we headed over to the ski slope for some ski training @brentwoodskiandsnowboardcentre. Well done guys and thanks for an enjoyable day! #teamprecise #teambuilding @ Brentwood Park Ski & Snowboard Centre
Message image
2nd of December 2017 06:25 PM Link
Great to have the team together before we head out to the Alps. With our war paint and camo gear on, we started the day off with Laser Tag @laserwarfare. After the fun activity we headed over to the ski slope for some ski training @brentwoodskiandsnowboardcentre. Well done guys and thanks for an enjoyable day! #teamprecise #teambuilding
@ Brentwood Park Ski & Snowboard Centre
Message image
2nd of December 2017 01:10 PM Link
Kicking the team training day off with some laser tag πŸ”« #teambuilding
Message image
30th of November 2017 06:08 PM Link
Got any plans for next summer? Here are some open camp dates you can put in your diary.
29th of November 2017 09:10 PM Link
25th of November 2017 09:22 AM Link
Always good to gain knowledge about the organisation of a race not just the coaching side #officalscourse #alwayslearning @snowsportengland
Message image
23rd of November 2017 08:48 AM Link
Extremely important that you have the right equipment when powder skiing, and most importantly you know how to use it. Lots of snow has fallen recently, stay safe guys!
19th of November 2017 12:31 PM Link
Bore Da! 🏴󠁧󠁒󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
Good to be back @skipontypool for the British Esskia Finals
Message image
17th of November 2017 09:21 AM Link
#Throwback to our team training day. Looking forward to the next one on 2nd December 😁
Message image
11th of November 2017 02:55 PM Link
A good morning training session with Tunbridge Grammar, Bishops Down Primary, Rosehill prep and The Skinners Schools
Message image
8th of November 2017 10:57 PM Link
Message image
7th of November 2017 08:22 AM Link
4th of November 2017 07:19 PM Link
Fantastic training day with the team. Skiing at Welwyn in the morning and kayaking in the afternoon.
Message image
4th of November 2017 12:22 PM Link
Great to get the team together at the Precise Training Day at Welwyn
Message image
2nd of November 2017 10:49 PM Link
When in Landgraaf, running up the stairs is a must πŸƒπŸ½ @elthamcollegeski
Message image
29th of October 2017 07:49 AM Link
October Landgraaf Camp βœ…
Well done everyone, a real fun enjoyable camp with hard work and improvements shown. See you next year! @ SnowWorld
28th of October 2017 09:26 AM Link
First World Cup race of the season. Good luck @skitilley3, starting bib 30 today! πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ @fisalpine
Message image
27th of October 2017 05:05 PM Link
Ski Bitz & Precise Racing Landgraaf October 2017 camp.
A very enjoyable and successful week @snowworld_nl
Well done everyone!

Snowsport England
Message image
26th of October 2017 03:45 PM Link
Great training sessions today and now time to do some snowboarding #variedskills #trysomethingnew
Message image
25th of October 2017 03:45 PM Link
Day 2 of the Precise Racing & Ski Bitz race camp at Landgraaf. Multiple training sessions so far with some positive changes (and some falls) but things are moving in the right direction!
Message image
22nd of October 2017 09:08 PM Link
20th of October 2017 07:20 AM Link
18th of October 2017 11:00 AM Link
Thank you @falke_sport_uk for supplying us with some ski socks. Can’t wait to wear them next week!
Message image
14th of October 2017 04:34 PM Link
A fun day to have been a part of! Well done LSERSA and to the Precise skiers..(even if some are from other regions 😜)
Message image
14th of October 2017 08:53 AM Link
Good luck LSERSA racers
Message image
13th of October 2017 09:30 AM Link
#throwback to our Aldershot training day.
It’s been a fantastic summer for Precise Racing and we are looking forward to heading out to the Alps. Bring on the winter season ⛄️
Message image
9th of October 2017 03:29 PM Link
Yesterday was the final LSERSA (London & South East Regional Snowsports Association) race of the summer series and the precise skiers meant business!
Saul Biggs (coach) 1st U21
Andy Atkinson (coach) 2nd MAS
Ryan Bunton 1st U14
Owen Oakes 2nd U16
Liam Atkinson 2nd U12
Felicity Toms 2nd U12
Ryan Faber 1st U10
Kitty Jay Caldwell 3rd U10

Snowsport England
Message image
7th of October 2017 10:52 AM Link
Good to be at Norwich supporting @ElthamCollSki at the @esskiainfo English Finals competition! Good luck racers β›·
Message image
4th of October 2017 10:13 PM Link
The after math of the Surrey Schools event...
Message image